Thursday, September 24, 2009


Firefarm!   What a cool company!  They make everything from soft fabric ceiling lights to metal mesh sculptural pieces.   Some of my favorite pieces are the Oh! Table lamp,  the Adagio silk organza flush mount that turns an old dated ceiling light into a dream,  and I also love the Femme Fatale ceiling pendant. 

If  you go to the website check out the fantastic custom gallery.  Many if not all of their lights are actually made in the USA.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A cool play on the old wagon wheel light

I just went to see Julie and Julia.  I am inspired.  I will try to recommend a different light for every day of the year... so here goes

I just love this piece from Robert Abbey.

It comes in both a bronze and a brushed nickel finish.  Add cool Edison style bulbs and wow.  I think this one would look great in both modern and rustic interiors and everything in between.  In a dining room, bedroom, library, living room.  It just works!  Simple and elegant.  Two sizes 36" and 24" round.   

Love it ??  

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pigeon Light

I love happy little details.  I found this pigeon light a couple of years ago and then could not locate where
I had found it.  Thanks to a client I now have a link to 
where it can be purchased.  Maybe $125 is too much for such a small item but I would scrimp on a couple of other things in a room that needed a little happy detail.

I much prefer the splurge and scrimp method to the everything mediocre method of design.  If you want your space to look and feel like a million bucks follow this rule.  Spend where needed and save where you can. So in other words buy that $1500 chair and find a dining table second hand for $150.

If you like this pigeon light as much as I it can be purchased at:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Take the Medicine!!

I hate to have to be pushy with this message but "take the medicine prescribed!"

  When sick- somewhat or acutely, and you go to the doctor you are usually given advice and a prescription.  If you alter the dose, don't take it or mix it with other med's you may either not get better or may even get worse.  

   I have many years of experience and when I am hired for a project I give my best advice tailored to the client,  the space, the budget etc.  I put my heart into each project.  My final plan is my prescription.  I do practice "alternative medicine" so not every plan is the same.  However once again I find that the client goes to the electrician or contractor they alter the prescription.... why???  The prescription is altered based on a lack of knowledge or understanding of why it was prescribed to begin with!   

  Please take the "medicine" as prescribed.  You will get better - in fact better than you could have imagined and that is the point.  You don't know what you are missing when you don't follow through and trust your hired professional!!

   Be brave! 

Sunday, August 23, 2009

HGTV Design Star

Okay is it just me or is the bar set really low on HGTV's Design Star???  I hate to be critical of other designers because design is so subjective but I thought all of the rooms were pretty bad.  Do they not get enough time?   I wish they would ad some so we could see what might be possible.  How can they give a carpenter to help that is so slow???
 If I had to pick my fav I would probably choose Lonnie & Antonio.   Antonio's lacked real punch though it came close.  Lonnie's was probably just not fully finished.  

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I have never been much of an athlete but for the past several years I have been doing Pilates. If you have never tried Pilates I highly recommend it.  I never thought you could get a work out and feel totally relaxed , refreshed and strong afterwards.  In my early 30's I began waking up creaky and stiff.  The doc said it was early arthritis... oh joy!   However as long as I continue with the Pilates all is smooth - no creaks!   I think I may even have a six-pack underneath a couple of skin layers !

I follow Jennifer Kries "The Method" dvd...

Here is a link... TRY IT!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Design Change

Looking to make a change at home?  It is hard for most of us to see what our homes or even ourselves look like.  When we do it is not always accurate.  We get used to things that are not all that they could be.  For example:  our furnishings, paint colors, hair dye/cut ,  how much make-up we wear, clothing... you get the idea.  Get advice from someone you trust and take as much as the advice as you can!   They are probably right.  

I love Room & Board Furniture store... If you haven't been, check it out!