Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Take the Medicine!!

I hate to have to be pushy with this message but "take the medicine prescribed!"

  When sick- somewhat or acutely, and you go to the doctor you are usually given advice and a prescription.  If you alter the dose, don't take it or mix it with other med's you may either not get better or may even get worse.  

   I have many years of experience and when I am hired for a project I give my best advice tailored to the client,  the space, the budget etc.  I put my heart into each project.  My final plan is my prescription.  I do practice "alternative medicine" so not every plan is the same.  However once again I find that the client goes to the electrician or contractor they alter the prescription.... why???  The prescription is altered based on a lack of knowledge or understanding of why it was prescribed to begin with!   

  Please take the "medicine" as prescribed.  You will get better - in fact better than you could have imagined and that is the point.  You don't know what you are missing when you don't follow through and trust your hired professional!!

   Be brave! 

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